Beard Wash – 6 oz.
Beard Grooming Kit
Cleanses your skin and beard without over-drying. Formulated with an amazing blend of essential oils, vitamins, antioxidants, and cleaners that cleanse your face and your beard, combating all the issues men with beards face. Hydrates and helps the skin, cleanses face and beard without over-drying, and helps eliminate odors trapped in the beard – Sugar cane and orange peel.
Beard Oil – 1 oz.
Beard Grooming Kit 
Cannabis sativa and jojoba oils help reduce beard itch and frizz, making the beard appear thicker and softer. Sunflower and hemp seed oils cover your face and beard with continuous hydration. Castor seed oils fortifies your beard and is believed to encourage hair growth. Vitamin E (Toeopherol) is a free radical fighting superhero that also serves as an anti-inflammatory agent and helps moisturize your skin and beard.

Directions: Apply to damp or dry beard. Using the dropper, put a few drops onto your palm then rub into your beard and leave it. Use daily or as needed.
Beard Softener - 3 oz.
Beard Grooming Kit
Formulated with multiple skin and beard conditioning agents intended to soften the beard and moisturize the skin underneath without compromising shape and style. Formulated with Shea and Cocoa Butter, it also contains a blend of essential oils to help combat all the common problems of having a beards – Castor, Jojoba, Clove, Manuka, Meadowsfoam Seed, and Moringa Oil.

Directions: Scrape a small amount onto finger. Rub hands together and apply to the entire beard. Leave in and enjoy!
Exfoliating Body Wash - 8 oz.
Shower Kit
Coconut-derived surfactants cleanse and provide a good heavy lather that brings the scent to life, essential oils refresh and deeply cleanse the skin, and hydrating glycerin helps retain skin’s moisture. 
Healthy Hair & Scalp Shampoo - 8 oz.
Shower Kit
This shampoo is formulated to help promote healthy scalp and hair. Infused with our essential blend of oils, biotin, niacin, caffeine, and conditioning agents this shampoo will provide shine, cleanses and invigorates without leaving your hair greasy, reduce bacteria build up, and ensure healthy hair follicle growth.